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Related article: Date: Thu, 14 May 2009 10:44:23 -0700 (PDT)
From: Richard Lickerish
Subject: Cock Snob Chapters 18 and 19Warning! If you are not of legal age to read stories that contain erotic
subject matter or you are offended by the erotic subject matter contained
herein do not read any further. All rights to this story are retained by
the author. This story is protected under applicable copyright laws and may
not be reproduced without the express written permission of the author.Comments and critics on the story are welcome and may be directed to
Richard: Email: richardlickerish "at" yahoo "dot" com Subject line: Cock
Connoisseur Cock SnobBy Dick LickerishChapter XVII: Dee and DinnerA romantic dinner for two at the Terra Rossa Restaurant in the Red Rock;
the room was buzzing with conversation, waiters were moving about taking
orders, serving dishes and refilling beverage containers. All I could do
was gaze around the room looking at the grandness of it all. Some dinner
guests were looking at Dee and me smiling, while others paid us no
attention going about eating their meals.We were seated at a romantic VIP reserved teen amatuer porn table for two. Occasionally, a
camera flash would go off in our direction from somewhere in the
restaurant. My last night in Vegas with a beautiful woman companion was the
pinnacle of my stay. I sat mesmerized by teen giving blowjob
all the hustle and bustle, while
waiting for the antipasto platter and drinks to arrive.Once the pre-meal nibbles arrived I was taken by the size of the olives
saying, "I love those big olives and also the artichoke hearts," as I began
nibbling at the appetizer platter. I noticed Dee eyeing me."You remind me of Commander Riker," Dee said."Who?""Commander William T. Riker, Number One, Star Trek The Next Generation,"
Dee said sharply."Oh yeah, Start Trek The Next Generation," I replied a little embarrassed."You know, you remind me a little of Jonathan Frakes' character, especially
when he was younger and with your dark beard. The dark hair and the
well-trimmed beard definitely makes you sexy looking.""Thank you for the compliment, and teen gays may I say that you look ravishing
tonight, much more attractive than the real life Britney by the way. Oh
yes, you look scrumptious enough to eat. I'd rather have you for dinner
than what's on the menu."Suddenly, our conversation was interrupted with the appearance of teen porn girls cuming the wine
steward. Dee ordered a bottle of wine for our dinner. Once the sommelier
departed Dee sat across from me smiling a very seductive smile."What are you smiling at? I asked."You have such a way with your words. You give me goose bumps. You know,
just the fact that you are already taken, and the fact that I don't think
I've got a chance in Hell of getting to first base with you bothers me.""How's that?""I want you in the worst way, but I'm not a home wrecker. I would never get
in between you and your lover; however, if you all ever split up I'd like
to have a chance to make you happy." I wasn't sure if Dee was trying to seduce me or just playing around. She
was aware that I had a partner and I thought much of her for not trying to
jump in to bed with me for a one night stand. My old time core values had
held me at bay when it came to a sexual conquest with Dee. For tonight we
would simply enjoy the night together. Dee had ordered Shrimp Scampi and
some thin pizza before getting into our Caesar salad. I think Dee was
having as good a time as I was that Thursday night. Finally, the main
course arrived, mine was the Swordfish and Dee's the steak.The waiter began refilling our water glasses and pouring each of us a glass
of wine. I tasted the Swordfish, it was spot-on. I offered Dee a bite and
she returned the favor with a piece of her scrumptious steak for me to
taste. We continued eating without saying a word to each other; every once
in while we would trade glances and bites of fish and steak.The dinner was so romantic. I thought about that first time Jason and I
shared our romantic dinner together. I finished my meal first, wiping my
hands and mouth with the cloth napkin and then took a drink of wine. I
wasn't driving, so drinking more than I should didn't bother me that night.Our waiter had been by two or three times as we nude teens ate asking how our meals
were and did we need anything else. Now, he was back asking about
desert. We both passed on desert, but did order coffee. As we sat staring
at each other sipping our coffee Dee was rubbing my leg sensuously with her
toes under the table.As Dee played with me I was fast becoming aroused. I wondered what her
sweet lips would feel like wrapped around the head of my cock and her
tongue tantalizing the frenulum free teen fuck
area. She knew what she was doing, the
little tease. I wondered how lucky I might get tonight; maybe a blowjob, at
least a hand job.Every since meeting Dee I had been entertaining fitful fantasies about her
and I making love. I dreamt that while I was eating her pussy her clit
began growing, transforming into the most beautiful cock I'd ever seen. Not
a huge one, not a small one, just an average size cock but with a gorgeous
glans. A nice set of nuggets xxx free teen porn nestled in a hairless scrotal sac hanging at
the base of that beautiful cock. I would compare Jason's cock with Dee's
phantom fantasy cock.Of course I was feeling guilty thinking about Jason, comparing the two. ,porn,nude,teen girls I
hadn't heard from Jason since he arrived with his unit. I wondered where he
was and what he was doing. I knew he was deployed to Afghanistan fighting
for that country's freedom from tyranny and terrorism. What bugged me was
he was trying to stay alive while I was enjoying a fine dinner, wine and
the company of a fine lady. I could only hope and pray for his
safety. After we finished our dinner we got up and left the restaurant to
continue the night of merriment. Dee was snuggled up next to me in the car
as we dropped by first one casino and then the other for drinks and
dancing.The evening dinner and Las Vegas excitement with Dee had definitely capped
my vacation. In a few hours my time in Vegas and with Dee would be over and
I'd be flying back to Long Beach to prepare for the fall semester. We drank
and partied until the wee hours. The night came and went without any
sex. As I got out of the car before going back to my room I asked Dee,
"Will I ever see you again?""Hopefully.""Here's my card," I said handing her my small university business card, "My
home e-mail address and personal cell number is written on the back. If you
are ever in Long Beach give me a call.""Sure will, Baby."With that said I closed the door and watched the white Town Car whisk Dee
off in the early morning predawn darkness to wherever she was headed. I
staggered back to my room where I fell across the bed for a few hours of
shuteye before flying back to Long Beach.
Chapter XVIII: Losing JasonI arrived at my office on the university campus Monday morning where I
began preparing for the hectic teen amatuer porn
first week of fall semester. There were xxx free teen porn
e-mails from Jason in my inbox. I read them and made a short reply. I was
happy to hear that the area in which he was assigned was relatively
secure. He said that he was just putting in his time and couldn't wait
until he was back at school in Long Beach. Of course that was code for back
in my arms. As I finished reading the last e-mail my cell phone went off.The display indicated a restricted number. I wondered who could be calling
me. teen tian porn I answered the phone to discover it was Jason's mother on the other
end. She sounded very distraught. amatuer teen porn free Through her bereavement she wanted to
inform me that Jason had been killed in action. In accordance with his
written wishes I was to be notified of his death immediately.Jason had added me to those names of family and friends to be contacted if
he should die. I sat in my chair in front of my desk in utter shock
listening to Jason's mother. She asked me if I could possibly attend the
memorial service for Jason and if I could prepare a short eulogy as I'd
known him when he was a student attending the university. She told me that
Jason talked about me a good texas teen hardcore porn
bit during the time he was a student and
before he deployed. She said that he considered me a true friend and
mentor. If only his mother knew how close friends we'd become.We continued talking. I could tell she needed a sympathetic ear. Ending the
call she told me that she would keep me informed as to when his body would
arrive in the United States as well as a tentative date for memorial
services. I told her I would notify school administrators and the school
media with regard to his death. She thanked me and hung up.I immediately began going through the motions making phone calls regarding
Jason's untimely demise. After all the calls were made the full impact of
the phone call from Jason's mother hit me. My friend and lover was gone. We
would never share those conversations that had originally set the stage
bringing us together for our initial meeting at my house.The memories came flooding back. I recalled that first time I saw him in my
class and how that beautiful cock of his had fallen out of his running
shorts for me to view. Then there were the innocent first meetings which
would eventually lead me to cross the line, leading to our first sexual
encounter and lover's bond. I would never hold Jason's warm body next to
mine again. I broke down and began weeping.The crying finally subsided. I buried my pain inside. I had to as I had
many things to do. I busied myself for the rest of the day preparing for my
first classes on Thursday: the class where I'd fist seen Jason. I knew I
had to begin to start putting things out of my mind or I would become
useless.I needed to be on top of my game at least outwardly. There were more phone
calls from Jason's mother updating me. I discovered that he'd been drunk teen porn pics killed
during my time in Las Vegas. I was having the time of my life while he lost
his. I made arrangements with an outstanding teaching assistant to take my
classes for the second week in September as well as airline reservations.Jason's mother met me at the airport when I arrived. She insisted that I
let them teen red head porn put me up for my time with them for teen girls in porn the memorial ceremony. I would
sleep in Jason's room for my stay. Jason's room brought back so many
memories. All of his accomplishments adorned the shelves and walls. I could
almost smell his presence in the room. His mother had kept it just the way
he left it when he joined the Marine Corps years before.Jason was the baby of the family. His mother doted on him. He could do no
wrong in her eyes. I thought what a shame such a caring, compassionate and
intellectual person was gone from life so quickly. The memorial service
came and went. I spoke of Jason free teen fuck
and his accomplishments in college. I also
spoke of him as fine upstanding person and about our deep philosophical
conversations. I didn't touch on any of our personal life.After the full military honors memorial service I attended the reception
where I mixed with his family and friends. His ashes sat in the custom made
container with a photograph of him in his dress blues behind a glass shield
on the teen porn and free mantel. On the right was the triangular container with the America
flag that had been presented to Jason's mother. latinas teen porn On the left there was a
glass face case that displayed all his military awards and decorations.The items on the mantel were all that was left of Jason; a proud Marine,
loving son and my lover. The house was full of photos of Jason. Finally, it
was time for me to fly back to Long Beach. I bid farewell to Jason's family
at the airport and told them I'd stay in touch.Throughout the next months I called Jason's mother once a month and she
called me. I also stayed in touch teen red head porn
with Dee. The recurring memory that was
haunting me was the fact that I'd been with Dee when Jason was killed. I
felt a sense of guilt about that. The fall semester ended and it was on to
spring. I'd managed to take my ski vacation up in the Lake Tahoe area
during winter break. Now, I had to decide what I would do and where I'd go
for spring break. Dee reality teen porn xxx called me one Saturday after spring break suggesting
that I consider coming back to Las Vegas for my summer vacation. I told her
I'd think about it.
To my readers where would you like forced teen sex stories
this story to go? What direction? Let me
know which direction I should take with the story. I been entertaining some
wild and fantastic ideas, give some more. I know the new twist of Jason's
death might be a shock for some of my readers, but I like to keep things
interesting. I'm pretty sure Dee is going to show up in the next chapters.
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